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The Bakersfield Condors Booster Club
The Official Site of
The Bakersfield Condors Booster Club

Membership Information
and Updates

If you are a current member of the Bakersfield Condors Booster Club
and have not picked up your membership card yet, be sure to visit
our booster club table at the Centennial Garden.


If your membership has expired (check your label on your newsletter),
it will be your last newsletter until you renew.

Just some of the benefits of being a
Condors Booster Club Member:

hockicon.gif (269 bytes) Newsletter
hockicon.gif (269 bytes) Membership Card
hockicon.gif (269 bytes) Membership meetings.
hockicon.gif (269 bytes) Exclusive social events and receptions with the players.
hockicon.gif (269 bytes) Road Trips - Fresno, San Diego, Phoenix, and more!
hockicon.gif (269 bytes) Opportunity to Sponsor a player.
hockicon.gif (269 bytes) Camaraderie and be part of the team!
hockicon.gif (269 bytes) Exclusive Year-End Awards Banquet for the team.

Membership Dues are:

Family: $20 annually
Single: $10 annually

Join now and get a FREE gift with your paid membership or renewal!



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