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Donations for Players Needed

Hi everybody!

We are very much in need of some items for the players' apartments.

Here is a list. Please contact me if you can donate any of these things. I will come and pick them up!



Kitchen  Bedroom  Bathroom  Miscellaneous 
coffee makers 
kitchen towels 
sauce pans 
cookie sheets 
cutlery trays 
cutting boards 
baking/casserole dishes 
containers (rubbermaid etc.) 
fitted sheets-Queen size only 
pillow cases 
bath towels 
hand towels 
bath mats/rugs 
trash cans (kitchen or bath) 
ironing boards (small or large) 
vacuum cleaners 
phones & answering machines 

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On the weekend of August 12th & 13th the Booster Club went on camping trip to Lake Success. The trip was a blast with 25 people showing up for a few days of fun; boating, swimming, badminton. paddh ball, cards. bbq’ing etc. We had reserved 4 large campsites with a capacity) of 8 people per site, so there was plenty of room for all. Four families showed up by Friday evening: the Kaspar’s (Jim. Alysia. Kristina and friend Melissa Patterson); the Edenburn’s (Chuck. Cheryl and friend Kristen Veiga); the Blacks (Jimmy, Shirley and grandson Eric; and the Hatley’s (Martin, Linda, Ryan, Tana. Seth, Shelby & friend Amy Fischer; The remainder showed up throughout the day on Saturday: Kay & Stephanie Cates. Adam Gheering. Amanda Lloyd, Michelle Lloyd & her friend Jeff Sarah McGinnis and Ronda Huckaby. The real fun began about 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning with the rental of a motorized pontoon party boat. We tacked a Condor beach towel to the front of the boat so all could see who we were. We stayed on the boat till approximately 1:00 p.m. before coming in to shore long enough to eat. then went right back out on the water. Jumping and diving from the top deck approximately IY above the water was quite a thrill. We towed 2 people-filled rafts about 50’ behind the boat until one of the towing eyes pulled loose from one raft, sending Chuck Edenburn into a panic as his raft started sinking due to the hole in it. It also sent the remainder of us into hysterics watching him trying to remain afloat with his hand pinched over the large hole but to no avail, IT SANK!

Later that evening we returned to shore to feast on our potluck dinner; tn-tip (pork and beef). several steaks, prime rib, chicken, hot link sausages, beans, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, fruit salad and drinks. All 25 of us were on hand for this scrumptious dinner. About 9:00 PM, 20 of us headed back out onto the party boat to continue merrymaking and fun. Jumping, swimming, splashing and throwing people off into the dark, moonlit water lasted until about 1 AM. By this time exhaustion had set in and everyone agreed it was time to call it a night. I have to rate this trip a great success, getting acquainted with old friends and making many new ones.

(P.S. A special thanks to Cheryl Edinburn for her help in arranging the trip with her many phone calls, ideas, and dedicated enthusiasm).

More fun from Lake Success






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